Sphenoid sinus mucocele: a review


  • Santosh Kumar Swain Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, IMS and SUM hospital, Siksha “O” Anusandhan University, K8, Kalinga Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India




Sphenoid sinus, Sphenoid sinus mucocele, Headache, Visual disturbance, Endoscopic sinus surgery


Sphenoid sinus mucocele (SSM) is a benign, encapsulated, expansile, locally destructive mass within the sphenoid sinus, filled with mucous and lined by epithelium. The exact etiology of the sphenoid sinus mucocele is still not known. The proximity of the SSM to the orbit and brain may cause morbidity and potential mortality if left without intervention. SSM has varied clinical manifestations. Headache and visual disturbances are common symptoms. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy and computed tomography (CT) scan and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are important pre-operative investigations. Diagnosis of SSM is done by computed tomography (CT) scan of the nose and paranasal sinus which shows a hypodense cystic lesion in the sphenoid sinus. MRI is helpful to detect the extension of the mucocele to orbit and cranium. Treatment of SSM is surgical which include endoscopic transnasal sphenoidotomy with sufficient removal of anterior and inferior walls of the sphenoid sinus for allowing adequate drainage and to avoid recurrence. The endoscopic approach is a safe and effective method of treatment for SSM with fewer recurrences than an open approach. Marsupialization of the mucocele via transnasal transsphenoidal approach is another option with a good outcome. The literature review for sphenoid sinus mucocele was performed from the database of Pub Med, Medline, Scopus, and Google scholar search with the term sphenoid sinus mucocele. Here, this review article is attempting to discuss the details of the sphenoid sinus mucocele including its history, epidemiology, etiopathology, clinical presentations, investigations, and current treatment.  


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