Giant fronto-ethmoidal osteoma with orbital and intracranial extension: a case report

Prashant S. Gade, Vernon Velho, Harish Naik, Nimesh Jain


Osteomas of the paranasal sinuses are often small, asymptomatic and incidentally diagnosed on radiological imaging. Giant osteomas, although rare, are clinically significant due to their propensity to cause orbital and intracranial complications. Complete surgical resection is usually possible with good outcome and low recurrence rate. We report a case of 62 years female who presented with proptosis and blurring of vision. Radiological work up revealed giant fronto-ethmoidal osteoma measuring 7.9×5.1×4.8 cm extending into the orbit and along the anterior skull base. Open surgical excision of the osteoma was done via left fronto-orbital approach. This is one of the largest fronto-ethmoidal osteomas reported in the literature till date.


Giant, Fronto-ethmoidal, Osteoma, Intracranial extension

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