A comparative study between conventional nasal packing versus nasal splint with clip after septoplasty with bilateral reduction of inferior turbinates with bipolar cautery

Santosh Uttarkar Pandurangarao, Mallikarjunappa Ajjampura Murugendrappa, Dheeraj Kumar Jonnalagadda, Raga Panicker, Sridurga Janarthanan


Background: Nasal packing is an important step after septal surgeries. Conventional nasal packing with vaseline gauze is associated with significant morbidity. Of late, the nasal splint with clip has been tried as an alternative in an attempt to prevent this morbidity. The aim of our study is to compare post-operative morbidities of conventional nasal packing (using vaseline gauze) and nasal splint with clip following septoplasty and cauterization of inferior turbinates.

Methods: A comparative study was conducted on 50 patients who underwent septoplasty surgery with reduction of both inferior turbinates using bipolar cautery. In the postoperative period, patients were assessed for pain, nasal obstruction, head ache and ear complaints.  

Results: Patients in whom nasal splint with clip were used, were found to have a more comfortable postoperative period when compared to conventional nasal packing, which was found to be statistically significant.

Conclusions: Post-operative morbidity has been found to be significantly lower with nasal splint with clip in comparison to conventional nasal packing using vaseline gauze.


Nasal splints, Turbinates, Cautery, Septal correction, Septoplasty

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