Comparison of microdebrider assisted adenoidectomy and adenoid curette adenoidectomy

Shaweta ., Ramesh K. Azad, R. S. Minhas, Shobha Mohindroo


Background: Adenoidectomy is the surgical procedure to remove the adenoids. It is conventionally performed using the curettage method. The aim is to compare between adenoid curette adenoidectomy and microdebrider assisted adenoidectomy.

Methods: From April 2016 to March 2017, 50 patients (34 males and 16 females), requiring adenoidectomy were randomized into two groups each of twenty five. Group A underwent microdebrider assisted adenoidectomy. Group B underwent conventional adenoidectomy using the curettage method. The parameters studied were intra-operative time, blood loss, residual tissue, associated trauma, and post-operative symptomatic relief and complications.  

Results: Microdebrider assisted adenoidectomy was significantly better in terms of residual tissue left behind as compared to adenoid curette adenoidectomy (p<0.001), similar operative blood loss and operative time with no difference in complications.

Conclusions: Microdebrider-assisted adenoidectomy is a safe and effective alternative to curettage method as it allows complete removal of adenoid tissue under direct vision.


Microdebrider, Adenoidectomy, Intra-operative, Microdebrider-assisted

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