Usefulness of P300 audiological test assessment in patients with snoring for cognitive ability

Gowri Shankar M., Athiyaman K., Natarajan S., Anitha Mahadevan


Background: Snoring is a sleep disorder which often causes cognitive dysfunction, due to inadequate rhythms of sleep cycle. Commonly evaluated with polysomnography. P300 is an electrophysiological method to measure the cognitive dysfunction. Usefulness of P300 audiological test in snoring for cognitive ability is studied here.

Methods: Prospective study with 20 cases and 30 controls. Cases were selected with simple sleep apnoea questionnaires and snoring people were selected as cases. Healthy non snoring people were selected as controls.  

Results: Significant increase in latency of P300 in snoring people (50%); more in males and in the middle aged group.

Conclusions: P300 is an electrophysiological method to measure the cognitive dysfunction in snoring people.


P300, Snoring, Cognitive function, Audiology test for snoring

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