Unusual foreign bodies of the airway: a case series regarding their management

Aishwarya Ullal, Sanjeev Mishra, R. K. Mundra


Foreign bodies in the bronchi are a common problem seen by ENT surgeons. Bronchial foreign bodies are common in children because they have difficulty in swallowing hard foodstuffs such as nuts and have an inadequately developed protective respiratory reflexes, which makes them vulnerable to inhalation of foreign bodies This is a case series of four unusual cases of foreign body airway, that presented to our ENT OPD, after taking detailed history and clinical examination, these patients were subjected to radiological studies such as chest X-rays, X-ray soft tissue lateral view, virtual bronchoscopy and CT chest to confirm the foreign body, after taking informed consent rigid bronchoscopy was performed and foreign body extracted.


Unusual foreign bodies, Dire emergency

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