Comparative study of type I tympanoplasty using temporalis fascia and tragal cartilage with perichondrium as graft material

Arvinder Singh Sood, Pooja Pal, Anshul Singla


Background: Temporalis fascia and cartilage are the most commonly used graft materials, though contradictory reports are available in literature as regards their efficacy. The purpose of this study was to compare graft acceptance and auditory outcomes of tympanoplasty using cartilage versus temporalis fascia as graft material.

Methods: This prospective study included 40 consecutive cases of chronic otitis media in a tertiary care centre randomised in two groups of 20 patients each to be subjected to tympanoplasty using either tragal cartilage-perichondrium or temporalis fascia graft from January 2011 to November 2012. Graft uptake rates and subjective as well as objective hearing improvement at 2 months and 6 months postoperative follow-up were compared.  

Results: The mean age of presentation was 34.4 years (range 15-60 years). At 2 months post operatively, the graft uptake was better with tragal cartilage group (95%) than temporalis fascia (90%), while at the end of 6 months graft uptake was better with temporalis fascia (75%) compared to tragal cartilage (70%). Hearing improvement was better for tragal cartilage group compared to the temporalis fascia group at both 2 months and 6 months follow-up. The subjective improvement in hearing at the end of 6 months was also better for tragal cartilage- perichondrium group than the temporalis fascia group.

Conclusions: Both temporalis fascia and tragal cartilage–perichondrium are suitable graft materials for tympanoplasty. Graft uptake was superior with temporalis fascia, while hearing improvement was better with tragal cartilage- perichondrium, although the results were not statistically significant.



Tympanoplasty, Graft acceptance, Hearing improvement, Tragal cartilage, Temporalis fascia

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