Use of feracrylum in tonsillectomy

Sathyaki D. C., Mereen Susan Roy, Vishnu Kumar G., Jyothiswarup R.


Background: Haemorrhage is the most common complication which is encountered in tonsillectomy. Various methods have been employed to minimise it. One such method has been employed in this study. The objective of the study was to study the efficacy of feracrylum in reducing post tonsillectomy haemorrhage with that of tranexemic acid.

Methods: 40 patients who underwent tonsillectomy in a tertiary care centre were involved in this study. They were classified into two groups with 20 patients in each group.  

Results: Use of feracrylum reduced the haemorrhage significantly. Only one patient required ligation of vessels.

Conclusions: Use of feracrylum reduces haemorrhage significantly as compared to that of intra venous tranexemic acid.



Tonsillectomy, Feracrylum, Haemorrhage

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