Deep neck space infection: an iceberg


  • Venkatesh Patil Department of Otolaryngology, BLDEU Shri B. M. Patil Medical College, Vijaypur, Karnataka, India
  • Rashmi Patil Department of Surgery, BLDEU Shri B. M. Patil Medical College, Vijaypur, Karnataka, India
  • R. N. Karadi Department of Otolaryngology, BLDEU Shri B. M. Patil Medical College, Vijaypur, Karnataka, India



Deep neck infection, Poor oral hygiene, Neck swelling, Abscess, Cellulitis lymphadenitis


Background: The aim of the study was to review pre-disposing factors and clinical features in deep neck space infections so as to avoid life threatening complications associated with it. Assessment and management of 55 cases of deep neck space infection.

Methods: Retrospective study of 55 cases of deep neck space infection from January 2010 to June 2017.  

Results: Submandibular space/Ludwig’s angina is most commonly occurring neck space infection. Dental caries and poor oral hygiene is major contributing factor for infection. Parapharyngeal lymphadenitis followed by abscess formation is second most reason for neck space infection.

Conclusions: Immediate active intervention is required to prevent progress of the disease. Early stage of cellulitis needs intravenous antibiotics with control of secondary co-morbid conditions like diabetes mellitus, immunocompromised states and dental caries. Ultrasound of neck and CT scan of neck is useful to know the extent of disease. Surgical intervention in the form of incision and drainage is required if abscess is detected either clinically or radiologically. Tracheostomy is required if airway is compromised.


Author Biography

Venkatesh Patil, Department of Otolaryngology, BLDEU Shri B. M. Patil Medical College, Vijaypur, Karnataka, India

assistant proff, dept of ent.


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