Oncocytic cyst of larynx: a rare case


  • Saravana Selvan V. MGR UNIVERSITY
  • Mekaladevi A. Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Stanley Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Ramya M. Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Stanley Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu




Oncocytic cysts, Laryngeal cysts, Hoarseness, Metaplasia


Oncocytic laryngeal cyst is an uncommon benign lesion of larynx that develops in the supraglottic area. Oncocytic laryngeal cyst arises from the ventricle and the patient presented with hoarseness of voice. Management of these lesions is conservative and consists of local excision. It is metaplasia of respiratory or glandular salivary epithelium with no risk of malignancy although recurrence after excision can still occur. It usually presents with hoarseness of voice although acute and chronic dyspnea may occur as well. Although oncocytic cysts are benign lesions, follow-up is recommended, as recurrence is possible.


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