Rosai Dorfman disease: a case report

Yazid Bin Pol Ong, Loong Siow Ping, Khor Foo Kiang, Gan Soon Ching, Angeline Bt Madatang, Ahmad Toha Bin Samsudin


Rosai Dorfman disease (RDD) is a rare granulomatous disease that typically presents with massive lymphadenopathy. To our knowledge, there have only been 650 cases reported worldwide. It is more common among adults and has characteristic clinical, radiological and histopathological findings. Here, we present a case of RDD in a 51 year-old man with massive submental lymphadenopathy which was not responding to antibiotics. Computerized Tomographic Scan showed ill-defined non-enhancing soft tissue density while fine needle aspiration for cytology displayed emperipolesis which is seen in patients with RDD. The swelling followed a benign course and reduced in size progressively without further intervention.



Rosai Dorfman disease, Sinus histiocytosis, Massive lymphadenopathy, Emperipolesis

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