Factors causing delay in diagnosis of head and neck malignancy


  • Anushree R. Bajaj Department of ENT, Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College, Jalgoan, Maharashtra, India
  • Shahnaz Sheikh Department of ENT, Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College, Jalgoan, Maharashtra, India
  • Samir Joshi Head of the Department, BJ Medical College and Sasson Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Bhalchandra Paike Head of the Department, Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College, Jalgoan, Maharashtra, India




Cancer, Delay, Factors


Background: Besides etiological factors there are lots of other factors which are responsible for the delay of diagnosis in head and neck malignancies. These include socio-demographic, institutional and other psychological factors. The aim of our article was to emphasize the importance of these unexplored factors in the delay of diagnosis of head and neck malignancies and make an effort to reduce those.

Methods: A total of 40 cases of head and neck malignancies in ENT ward of DUPMC hospital were studied. A retrospective study was undertaken using proper history taking and analysis of the patients.  

Results: The factors causing delay in the diagnosis were found to delay due to psychological and behavioral 32.5%, delay due to symptom recognition 87.5%, delay due to socio demographic 45%, practioner delay-10%, hospital delay-5%.

Conclusions: Measures must be taken to reduce the factors causing deal in diagnosis like, Fear and anxiety about ultimate outcome of cancer should be allayed through various media and stress should be laid on fact that early detection can alter outcome of cancer so as to induce the patient to seek medical help early. Facilities for diagnosis of cancer should be available at accessible centre and only treatment should be left to certain specialized centers.

Author Biography

Anushree R. Bajaj, Department of ENT, Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College, Jalgoan, Maharashtra, India

Assistant professor department of otorhinolaryngology


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