Otorhinolaryngological complaints in pregnancy: a prospective study in a tertiary care centre

Pratibha Singla, Manish Gupta, Prithpal Singh Matreja, Raveena Gill


Background: The noteworthy changes occur throughout the female body during pregnancy, due to hormonal processes. Mostly they are self-limiting and do not harm the expectant mother or fetus, but some become pathological and require early medical intervention to limit the damage. The objective was to recognize and compartmentalize such complaints; and additionally gaining figures reflecting the frequency of such complaints.

Methods: This study design consists of pregnant women coming with various ENT complaints to outpatient department.  

Results: ENT-related symptoms are common during pregnancy.  

Conclusions: Practitioners should have general idea of the etiology, clinical severity and most favorable treatment of these conditions.


Pregnancy, ENT, Otorhinolaryngology, Manifestation, Trimester

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