Our experience of auricular hematoma treatment in wrestlers

Vilas R. Kirdak, Sambhaji G. Chintale, Kaleem Shaikh, Sonali Jatale


Background: Traditional Indian wrestlers, in contrast to wrestlers outside do not routinely wear protective head gear. So they are at increased risk of recurrent auricular hematoma, often resulting in sever auricular deformity like cauliflower ear or hematoma of ear.

Methods: This is retrospective study of analysing 40 cases of auricular hematoma in Wrestlers evaluating treatment and outcome in all cases carried out in our institute at JIIUS IIMSR, Warudi, Badnapur, Jalna over period from September 2014 to September 2017 surgical technique used was incision drainage and mattress suture.  

Results: The study material comprised of 40 cases all being wrestlers of auricular hematoma using the incision and drainage technique with mattress suture of pinna. All the wrestler were male as the game is predominantly played among men’s in India the average age of patient study was 26 yrs range between 16 to 35 yrs. 16 wrestlers had very bad cauliflowering of the both ear after earlier treatment while 4 patient had cauliflowering of one ear before being seen us for the new auricular hematoma. 8 patients develop second hematoma on the same ear at different location after receiving the treatment after six month while 6 of the patient developed hematoma on the opposite site ear after six month of treatment.

Conclusions: In the management of auricular hematoma in sport person like wrestler’s simple incision and drainage followed by mattress suture without any pressure bandage with antibiotic application appears to be prompt treatment.


Auricular hematoma, Wrestlers, Pinna, Trauma

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