Epitheloid hemangio-endothelioma of right aryepiglottic fold: a rare case report with review of literature

Alpesh D. Fefar, Paresh J. Khavdu, Mukesh N. Dodia, Sejal N. Mistry, Manish R. Mehta


Epitheloid hemangio-endothelioma is a very rare tumour of intermittent malignancy of vascular origin, having a tendency to recur with rare incidence of metastasis. The tumour is intermediate between haemangioma and angiosarcoma, mainly affecting liver, lung as well as bones, skin, penis, ovary, scalp, or any part of the body. Internet search was made with the key words epitheloid hemangio-endothelioma and epitheloid hemangio-endothelioma of Larynx, since now only single case has been reported from larynx involving subglottis. Hence we report this rare entity with involvement of the larynx (Sub site: Rt. Aryepiglottic fold) describing clinical and histopathological characteristic. This is perhaps the first case of epitheloid hemangio-endothelioma involving aryepiglottic fold.


Epitheloid hemangio-endothelioma, Aryepiglottic fold, Larynx

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