Early complications of tracheostomy: a study on 100 patients at a single tertiary care centre

Pooja Pal, Arvinder Singh Sood, Sumant Singla


Background: Tracheostomy is a life saving procedure, which when performed correctly greatly impacts the final outcome of the patient. Although uncommon, fatal complications have been known to occur. The present study was conducted to observe the incidence of early complications of tracheostomy in a tertiary care centre.

Methods: 100 consecutive patients subjected to tracheostomy were enrolled, and data pertaining to the indication, and intraoperative and early postoperative complications was collected.  

Results: The overall incidence of complications was 77%, with 53% cases of intraoperative bleeding and 13% tube obstruction. A higher incidence of complications was noted in emergency procedures and pediatric tracheostomies. No mortality was seen in the present series.

Conclusions: Serious complications may be associated with tracheostomies, many of which can be avoided by meticulous surgical technique and postoperative care.


Tracheostomy, Early complications, Bleeding

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