A study of hearing improvement gained after tympanoplasty using various methods in cases of CSOM


  • Faiz Muqtadir Department of ENT, ESIC Medical College, Gulbaraga, Karnataka, India
  • Rahul S. Department of ENT, ESIC Medical College, Gulbaraga, Karnataka, India




Tympanoplasty, CSOM, Mastoidectomy


Background: Chronic otitis  media  (COM),  is  a  common  ailment  with  which patients  present  to  the  ENT  OPD.  In patients with COM, the active infection needs to be controlled following which the definitive line of management is surgery. Tympanoplasty  is  the  surgery  performed  with  the  goals  of establishing  an  intact  tympanic membrane,  eradicating  middle  ear  disease, creating an  air-containing  middle  ear  space and  restoring  the  hearing  by  building  a  secure connection  between  the  ear  drum  and  the cochlea.

Methods: 50 patients presenting with CSOM in ENT OPD at Medical College.  Preoperative audiometry was done before tympanoplasty, followed by post-operative audiometry after 3 months.  

Results: The mean air-bone gap closure was 12.06 dB; with type I tympanoplasty with cortical mastoidectomy giving a maximum mean improvement of 16db. Minimum mean improvement of 1db was seen in type IV with modified radical mastoidectomy.

Conclusions: Type I tympanoplasty with cortical mastoidectomy is a far superior method of surgical treatment of CSOM than all other methods.


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