Chondroid syringoma of face (nasomaxillary groove): case report

Chandra Shekar Reddy, Gowri Sankar Marimuthu, Sivaraman Ganesan, Arun Alexander


Chondroid syringoma, is a benign neoplasm of sweat gland origin with an overall reported incidence of 0.01-0.098 percent. These tumours being rare can easily be misdiagnosed and should be included in the differential diagnosis of any slowly growing nodule in the skin of the face. The diagnosis is confirmed after histopathologic examination of tissue obtained by excisional biopsy. Treatment of choice is local surgical excision with a cuff of normal tissue, in order to prevent recurrence. We present a case of chondroid syringoma of the face (nasomaxillary groove), highlighting the rarity of the tumour and the surgical incision resulting in excellent cosmetic result.


Chondroid syringoma, Benign tumors face

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