Prevalence and pattern of thyroid malignancy in thyroid nodule in Aseer Central Hospital in KSA

Jibril Yahya Hudise, Khalid Ali Alshehri, Saad Nasser Alqarni, Yara Assiri, Ashwaq Asiri, Bayan Aljobran, Atheer Alshehri, Fatimah Asiri


Background: Thyroid nodules are common in the general population, especially in women. Non palpable nodules are often found when patients undergo diagnostic imaging such as ultrasonogra­phy and computed tomography of the chest and neck. This retrospective study to assess the Prevalence of thyroid malignancy in thyroid nodule related to gender, age, and pathology, in Aseer Central Hospital KSA.

Methods: During a 5-year period (2011–2016), the medical records of 319 patients with thyroid nodules were collected from the department of pathology at Aseer Central Hospital KSA. The cases were reviewed for data on gender, age, and the pathological result. All patients underwent hemi or total thyroidectomy. Comparisons between genders, age groups, and tissue origins were performed. All statistical tests were performed with SPSS software.  

Results: Over a period of 5 years, a total of 319 patients: male 17.2% and female 82.8% Underwent for hemi or total thyroidectomy. The age of presentation was ranging from 14 to 80 years. Among the 319 cases of thyroid nodules 73.7% were benign nodules and 26.3% malignant nodules. Papillary thyroid carcinoma in 72.6%, follicular thyroid carcinoma 10.6%, Hurthle cell carcinoma 4.8%, anaplastic carcinoma 4.8%, thyroid lymphoma 4.8% and medullary thyroid carcinoma in 2.4%.

Conclusions: Thyroid nodule is a common clinical problem and the proportion of such nodules that prove to be malignant is not small, investigations are of immense help to corroborate with the clinical and morphological finding. Papillary thyroid carcinoma most common malignant thyroid carcinoma followed by follicular thyroid carcinoma, hurthel cell carcinoma, anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, lymphoma and finally medullary thyroid Carcinoma. No significant different between male and female as risk factors for malignancy.


Thyroid nodules, Thyroid carcinoma, Prevalence

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