Laryngeal mucormycosis: a rare entity

Manish Munjal, Archana Arora, Amanjeet Singh, Gopika Talwar, Neena Sood, Simrat Kaur


"Mucormycosis" term is used in context to a group of fungal diseases caused by the order mucorales. Typically with predilection for the pulmonary and the sino-nasal-orbital tissues, it can very rarely affect the laryngeal as well as the tracheal mucosa either as skip lesions or in continuity. The management of such an involved airway is quite challenging. Literature documents sporadic cases of laryngeal manifestation of mucormycosis. Reported here is such a case of a diabetic male presenting with dyspnoea of sudden onset. Video laryngoscopy revealed extensive glottic edema with a reduced glottis chink. Elective prophylactic tracheostomy followed by direct laryngeal trucut biopsy was undertaken. Histopathology was suggestive of mucormycosis and the patient was administered titrated intravenous Amphoterecin B. The response was favorable and the patient at present is symptom free. 


Laryngeal mucormycosis, Dyspnoea, Mucorales

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