Tuberculosis in otolaryngological practice

Girija A. Ghate, Paresh S. Chavan, James Thomas, Mayur H. Ingale


Background: Tuberculosis has become a common occurrence in Otorhinolaryngology with increasing number of extra pulmonary cases.

Methods: This is a study of 27 patients who visited ENT OPD of Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pune, with variety of manifestations of tuberculosis in the ENT region.  

Results: Majority of those suffered from tuberculous cervical lymphadenopathy, other manifestations included laryngeal tuberculosis, tuberculous otitis media, lupus vulgaris and tuberculous infection of a pre auricular sinus. FNAC and histopathologic examination proved to be reliable tools of diagnosis. Five of these patients suffered from concurrent pulmonary tuberculosis. All these responded well to category 1 anti-tubercular therapy well.

Conclusions: Tuberculosis in Otorhinolaryngology shows a variety of manifestations so it should be kept in mind whenever dealing with unusual presentations.


Tuberculosis, Cervical lymphadenopathy, Tuberculous otitis media, Lupus vulgaris, Tuberculous laryngitis

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