Huge adult cystic hygroma: anaesthesia challenge


  • Rachana Chabaria Department of Anaesthesiology, GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra



Cystic hygroma, Difficult airway, Rigid bronchoscopy


Cystic hygroma is a rare lymphatic tumor, uncommonly seen in adults. We report a case of woman aged 55 years, who presented with a huge cystic swelling causing difficulty in neck movements. Huge neck swelling distorting the anatomy poses a challenge for securing the airway. The airway was secured with orotracheal intubation with help of a bougie after general anaesthesia, shifting the swelling off the midline by an experienced anaesthesiologist. Appropriate preoperative airway assessment, meticulous planning anticipating difficulty and simple manoeuvres, can ease intubation.


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