Tubercular lymphadenitis presenting with facial palsy: a rare case report

Manish Munjal, Archana Arora, Amanjeet Singh, Vineeta Munjal


India has a very high prevalence of tuberculosis (TB). Incidence of extrapulmonary tuberculosis is on the rise and at times it presents with uncommon features. We reported a case of 27 year old female presented with an irregular scar mark in the submandibular region along with an asymmetric smile. She was on treatment for tuberculosis as diagnosed by an earlier aspiration cytology report. Examination showed irregular non tender scar along with an underlying 2×2 cms swelling. Repeat fine needle aspiration was inconclusive and the patient was thus taken up for excision biopsy. Final report turned out to be tubercular lymphadenopathy and treatment was thus started accordingly. We conclude that tubercular lymph nodes presenting with facial nerve paresis are extremely rare entity. A high degree of suspicion should be maintained in a country like India where prevalence of TB is significantly high.



Tubercular lymphadenitis, Facial palsy, Fine needle aspiration

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