Sphenochoanal polyp: a case report

Kulwinder Singh Sandhu, Shiffali ., Jagdeepak Singh


Choanal polyp arising from the sphenoid sinus and presenting at the choana are rare. These are known as sphenochoanal polyp. We present a case of sphenochoanal polyp and its clinical features and surgical management is discussed. Our aim in this case was to properly delineate the origin of the polyp and differentiate it from other lesions such as the antrochoanal polyp and meningocele, followed by meticulous endoscopic excision of the polyp. Radiological investigations include a CT scan paranasal sinuses or a MRI diagnostic nasal endoscopy will confirm the diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made surgical removal must be done.


Nasal polyp, Sphenochoanal polyp, Sphenoid sinus

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