Rare cervical nerve root C2-C3 schwannoma

Chandra Veer Singh, Shravan Shetty, R. K. Deshpande, Priyank Patel


10% of schwannomas that occur in the head and neck region mostly originate from the vagus or sympathetic nervous system whereas those arising from C2 nerve root are extremely rare. Extracranial schwannomas in the head and neck region are rare neoplasms. Diagnosis is established by imaging studies such as magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography, while FNAC is used to rule out other condition. Histopathology gives definitive diagnosis. The accepted treatment for these tumors is surgical resection with preservation of the neural pathway. We present a rare case of cervical nerve (C2-C3) root schwannoma of 50 year old male who presented with right lateral neck swelling with pain  radiating to right shoulder associated with right shoulder stiffness. The swelling which also had an intervertebral part was removed successfully through a posterior neck incision with no post-operative neurological symptoms.


Schwannoma, Cervical nerve sheath tumour, Cervical nerve root tumour, Posterior mid line approach

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