Endoscopic trans-sphenoid excision of solid petrous apex lesion: a case report

Sai Spoorthi R. Nayak, Nishit J. Shah, Chandrashekhar E. Deopujari, Prashant V. Gunawat


Petrous apex lesions are highly challenging for surgical access as they lie in the most medial portion of the temporal bone, surrounded by vital structures. These lesions are traditionally tackled by labyrinthine approaches. Endoscopic endonasal approach has been described to drain cystic lesions like cholesterol granulomas. Intraosseous schwannomas of the petrous apex are a rare occurrence with only 3 cases being reported so far. We are the first to describe a transphenoidal route to completely excise a solid petrous apex lesion like a schwannoma.


Petrous apex lesion, Schwannoma, Trans-sphenoidal approach

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