A comprehensive study on complications of endoscopic sinus surgery

Jude Anselm Shyras D., Mohana Karthikeyan S.


Background: In recent years, functional endoscopic sinus surgery has become the standard of care in the surgical management of chronic sinusitis and sino nasal polyposis. Because of highly variable anatomy and closely related vital structures, it has many potential complications. This study aims to evaluate the complications of FESS, factors influencing its occurrence and management of complications.

Methods: This is a prospective study done in a tertiary care hospital over a period of one year. The first 100 patients diagnosed as chronic sinusitis or sino nasal polyposis, planned for FESS were included in the study and they were followed up for three months, post operatively. The occurrence of complications and factors associated with that were studied.

Results: We had 1% of major complications and 12% of minor complications in this study. Major factors influencing the occurrence of complications are extension of the disease pathology and anatomical variations of the paranasal sinuses.

Conclusions: FESS is one of the commonly performed surgeries in Rhinology, and the occurrence of major complications is less and extensive disease with altered anatomy is the major factor in the occurrence of complications.


FESS, Complication, Endoscopic sinus surgery

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