Holoprosencephaly with cyclopia: a rare case report

Setu Rathod, Sunil Kumar Samal, Jasmina Begum


Holoprosencephaly (HPE) with cyclopia is a rare congenital anomaly of the forebrain system where due to deformation and hypoplasia of the facial skeleton, one eye orbit is formed in the place where both eyes should be present. Many teratogenic factors are identified as the causative factors for this anomaly which include irregular cholesterol biosynthesis, viruses, alcohol intake and maternal diabetes. Many authors also suggest genetic aetiology of this illness. We report a case of 32 year old lady G2P1L1 with previous history of normal vaginal delivery who presented to us in second stage of labour. She delivered a female fetus with multiple defects and later diagnosed as a case of holoprosencephaly with cyclopia. The baby died soon after the birth. This case is presented because of its rarity. Early ultrasound diagnostics and proper management of this anomaly must be emphasized most strongly to prevent complication associated with this condition.


Holoprosencephaly, Cyclopia, Micrognathia, Uncontrolled diabetes

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