Modified radical mastoidectomy in chronic otitis media: year outcome post-surgery


  • Vaibhav J. Lahane Department ENT, Dr. Rajendra Gode Medical College, Amaravati, Maharashtra, India
  • Swati Mishra Department of ENT, GMERS Medical College, Vadnagar, Gujarat, India
  • Devanshi Modi Department of ENT, GMERS Medical College, Vadnagar, Gujarat, India
  • Sagar Jani Department of ENT, GMERS Medical College, Vadnagar, Gujarat, India



MRM, COM, AB gap


Background: Cholesteatoma is defined as erosive process, eroding ossicular chain, scutum, otic-capsule, fallopian canal and tegmun. Surgical management of cholesteatoma includes mastoidectomy. The aim of the study was to focuss on MRM: indications and outcomes of procedure.

Methods: This study aims at knowing the indications and outcome of MRM after 1 year in terms of success rate, efficacy and patient’s satisfaction. It involves study over 42 patients who underwent surgery and were followed over a period of one year post surgery.   

Results: After 1 year of MRM 64.27% showed hearing improvement, 95.2% had dry and settled cavity, and there was no post-operative facial palsy, and SNHL.

Conclusions: MRM is a procedure of choice for COM with extensive disease of mastoid. A meticulous and skilled MRM gives a well fashioned mastoid cavity with minimum or no recurrence/post-operative complications with a satisfactory hearing outcome.


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