A prospective study of complications of tracheostomy and management in tertiary care hospital in rural area

Megha A. Kawale, Prashant N. Keche, Surendra H. Gawarle, Sneha V. Bhat, Aniket Buche


Background: The present study was carried out with an objective to study the various indications and prevalence of tracheostomy, appropriate time to perform it, and complications arising during and after the procedure and their modes of managements.

Methods: A prospective and interventional study was carried out in ENT department during the period from Aug 2012 to May 2014. Total 124 patients (both pediatric and adult) undergoing tracheostomies for various indications were studied. The details of all participants such as demographic data, indications of tracheostomy, intra and postoperative complications were recorded and management of complications (if any) was done.  

Results: The prevalence of tracheostomy was 0.253% for given study period and was performed more commonly in young adults (15-50 years). Males were more commonly subjected to tracheostomy as compared to females. Planned tracheostomies were more frequently performed, as most common indication of tracheostomy was assisted ventilation both in adult and children. The incidence of complications in intra and postoperative period was 29.81% (37 patients), the majority happening during the early postoperative period.

Conclusions: The study concluded that the tracheostomy was more commonly perform in young adults with higher prevalence among male subjects. The main indication for tracheostomy in adult and children was assisted ventilation whereas most common complications were subcutaneous emphysema and peristomal infections. Most of the complications were managed conservatively.


Tracheostomy, Demographic data, Indications, Complications

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