Surgical management of a large palatal pleomorphic adenoma by intra oral route: a difficult case




Palatal pleomorphic adenoma, Intra oral excision, Minor salivary gland tumor, Enbloc removal, Primary closure, Intra oral tumor


Despite being the most common benign tumor of salivary glands, pleomorphic adenoma in hard palate is a rare site. Such tumors are a challenge to remove surgically. These tumors usually require an extensive resection with wide margins and removal of surrounding mucoperiosteum. There is also usually requirement of removal of a number of teeth or portion of maxilla, especially if the size is huge. The resulting disfigurement can be a problem for young females. We present a case of successful treatment of pleomorphic adenoma of the hard palate in a 15-year old female patient, which was achieved through an enbloc removal technique with clear margins, without the need for partial maxillectomy or bone removal. This approach played a pivotal role in preventing any potential disfigurement and preserving the aesthetic appearance of the patient. The personalized approach towards patient care was instrumental in tailoring the surgical strategy to meet the specific needs of the individual.


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