A rare case of dysphonia in mitochondrial myopathy


  • Abha Kumari Department of ENT, MERF, Pune
  • Sunil Goyal Department of ENT, Command Hospital (southern command), Chennai
  • Virender Malik Department of Radiodiagnosis, Trivandrum, Kerela
  • Takhellambam Biram Singh Department of ENT, MERF, Pune
  • Vijay Krishnan Paramasivan Department of ENT, MERF, Pune
  • Mohan Kameswaran Department of ENT, MERF, Pune




Dysphonia, Mitochondrial myopathy, Diagnosis, Treatment


The mitochondrial myopathy consists of diverse group of disorders which is characterized by primary dysfunction of mitochondrial respiratory chain leading to muscle disease. The involvement of larynx is very rare and only few cases have been reported in the literature. This study presents the fourth published case of dysphonia in the setting of mitochondrial myopathy. A patient with dysphonia with laryngeal involvement in mitochondrial myopathy is presented with literature review. A 43 year old man presented with progressive dysphonia and muscle weakness. Laryngeal examination showed bilateral adductor weakness of vocal cords and biopsy revealed findings typical of mitochondrial myopathy (MM). He underwent conservative trial for dysphonia with no relief and subsequently medalization thyroplasty showed some improvement in dysphonia. Mitochondrial myopathy should be considered in the differential diagnosis of dysphonia for early diagnosis and management.


Author Biographies

Abha Kumari, Department of ENT, MERF, Pune

Ms, DNB, Micro ear surgery trainee

Dept of ENT

Sunil Goyal, Department of ENT, Command Hospital (southern command), Chennai

MS, DNB, Neuro-otologist,

Asst Prof,

Dept of ENT

Takhellambam Biram Singh, Department of ENT, MERF, Pune

MS, Implant otology trainee

Dept of ENT

Vijay Krishnan Paramasivan, Department of ENT, MERF, Pune


Dept of ENT

Mohan Kameswaran, Department of ENT, MERF, Pune

Prof and Director

Dept of ENT


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