Comparison of physics forceps to conventional forceps in simple dental extraction


  • Shanender Singh Sambyal Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala, India
  • Vivek Saxena Army Dental College (R&R), New Delhi, India
  • V. Gopalkrishnan Army Dental College (R&R), New Delhi, India
  • Rangarajan H. Army Dental College (R&R), New Delhi, India
  • Andrews Navin Kumar Dental Unit, Leh, Ladakh, India



Conventional forceps, Physics forceps, Pain, Dental extractions


Background: In this study, Conventional forceps & Physics forceps were compared in simple dental extractions with respect to crown and root fracture of tooth during extraction, alveolar bone plate fracture, gingival laceration, requirement of sutures, duration of surgery, comparative pain evaluation through visual analogue scale and analgesic requirement in the first 24 hours post operatively.

Methods: This study was conducted at our centre where 200 patients requiring simple dental extractions were randomly divided into two groups, each having 100 patients. Extractions in one group were done using Conventional forceps and in other group were done using Physics forceps. All parameters were measured during surgery & questionnaires were given to all the patients to assess the pain perception & analgesic requirement postoperatively till 24 hours.

Results: The results of present study showed decreased incidence of crown and root fracture of tooth, alveolar bone plate fracture, gingival lacerations, requirement of sutures, lesser duration for extraction and lesser pain perception in Physics forceps group. No significant difference was found between two groups for analgesic intake.

Conclusions: Physics forceps group patients had superior results compared to patients in Conventional forceps group which may be attributed to lesser hard and soft tissue injuries and better pain control in Physics forceps group.


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