Acquired hemangioma of the external nose: a case report


  • Soumick Ranjan Sahoo Department of ENT, Steel Authority of India Limited, IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur Hospital, West Bengal, India
  • Pallavi Nayak Department of ENT, Steel Authority of India Limited, IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur Hospital, West Bengal, India



Acquired, External, Nasal, Hemangioma


Hemangiomas of the nose are very rare lesions.They may be found in both paediatric and adult population.The  various modalities of treatment may range from medical management to surgical management.We are reporting a  benign vascular lesion near the nasal tip  at the soft triangle aesthetic subunit in a 64 year old male which was treated by simple surgical excision using electrocautery  and primary closure. Histopathological examination of excised specimen confirmed the diagnosis as hemangioma.


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