Giant cell tumor of the frontal sinus: case report

Ali Alzarei, Majed Assiri, Rabab N. B., Wael Aljoraebi, Ibrahim Sumaily


Giant cell tumor (GCT) is an uncommon aggressive primary bone tumor usually affects long bones. It is rarely involving skull bones, and to less extent the frontal bone. Up to date only 3 adult cases reported of the frontal bone, only one of them was occupying the frontal sinus. Here, we present a 49 year old male presented with slowly growing left supraorbital swelling for 3 years. This swelling was a firm mass with destruction of anterior table of frontal bone. Diagnostic radiological work-up showed a mass in left frontal sinus, mass excised with external approach. Reporting this case with its clinical, radiological and histopathological images should add significant material to the literature for further studies of GCT of paranasal sinuses.


Giant cell, Bone tumor, Frontal sinus, Paranasal sinus

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