Published: 2022-11-24

Cervical laceration courtesy, the unbreakable kite string: case report

Manish Munjal, Shubham Munjal, Jyoti Jindal, Shivam Talwar, Deeksha Chawla, Hardeep Kaur, Loveleen Sandhu, Mehtab Grewal, Ruchika Gill, Jasmeen Chahal, Tanvi Joshi


Kite flying is a sporting activity in Indian subcontinent and winters is the time of the year when rooftops are crowded and all eyes are towards the sky. The traditional glass spiked cotton threads made kite string Indian manja has been superseded by the inexpensive strong synthetic nonbiodegradable Chinese manja. This unstretchable and unbreakable string is fraught with life threatening primary and secondary impact kite string injuries. The kite-flyers themselves, the kite catchers, assistants, two-wheelers, drivers, pillion riders as well as, the pedestrians are the victims. We present a unique patient, who sustained a primary cervical injury with extensive laceration and tearing of the external jugular vein.


Kite string, Penetrating trauma, Manja, Chinese dor, Neck vessels, Neck zones

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