Comparative study between diagnostic nasal endoscopy and computed tomography of PNS in sino nasal diseases

Mallikarjun S. Tegnoor, Joseph Williams George, Williams George, Ramchandra Joshi


Background: The objective of this study is to compare the tomographic findings to the nasal endoscopy findings in patients with chronic sino-nasal diseases. This study aims to compare CT scan and DNE in sino-nasal diseases.

Methods: 50 Patients attending ENT, OPD, BTGH with any sino-nasal complaints lasting for more than 4 weeks and not responding to medical line of management. Patients are selected by random sampling method. Patients were evaluated with CT scan and DNE.

Results: The most common co-morbidity found among the patients is chronic rhino sinusitis in 31 cases (62%). Middle meatal purulent secretions are the most obvious finding in DNE evaluation seen in 31 (62%) cases. Anterior ethmoidal sinus haziness is seen in 37 (74%) cases on CT scan with majority of cases showing associated sinus involvement.

Conclusions: Thereby indicating that in all patients with sino nasal diseases both CT scan and DNE has to be done, to know the exact pathology and to plan for further management. Both CT scan and DNE are complimentary to each other.


Sino nasal disease, Computerized tomography, Diagnostic nasal endoscopy, Anatomical variants

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