Published: 2022-05-25

Ludwig’s angina an analysis of cases seen at tertiary care hospital

M. Mostafa Kamal Hossain Bhuiyan, Mohammad Amjad Hossain, Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman


We diagnosed and treated four cases of Ludwig's angina who had edema of the floor of the mouth and the tongue along with submandibular swelling and inability to open the mouth. All the patients have dental infection. Incision aid drainage given to all of the patients through the sub mental region immediately after admission under local anaesthesie. The edema and trismus subsided gradually. All the patients required daily dressing. Despite the dressing incidence of the disease, Ludwig's angina remains an important cause of airway obstruction that can have disastrous consequences. Proper diagnosis, airway control, antibiotic therapy and surgical incision and drainage are essential to ensure the safety of the patients.


Ludwig’s angina, Scar mark, Rupture of abscess

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