Published: 2022-02-24

Rosai Dorfman disease: a case report with nodal involvement

Silky Silky, Vishwambhar Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Ashvanee Kumar Chaudhary, Shishupal Yadav, Deepak Kumar Gupta, Arpit Goyal, Ram Raj Yadav, Rahul Rahul, Akshat Panday


Rosai Dorfman disease is characterised by sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy. Here, we present a case report of 33-year female with low grade fever and multiple swellings of variable size in cervical region. Laboratory examinations showed erythrocyte sedimentation rate to be increased up to 40 mm / hour. Histopathological examination revealed a number of histiocytes containing lymphocytes and few plasma cells in their cytoplasm showing emperipolesis of plasma cells and lymphocytes. Immunohistochemistry showed positivity for CD68 with marked sinus expansion by histiocytic cells and emperipolesis. Treatment with tapering dose of systemic corticosteroids over 1 month gave excellent results.


Emperipolesis, Rosai Dorfman, Histiocytosis, CD68, Corticosteroids

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