Published: 2022-01-25

An unreadable face: our experience

Albin B. Payyappilly, Juthika S. Rai, B. V. Chandre Gowda, Nagaraj B. Thimmasettaiah, Marie C. Sharafine Stephenyar


Bilateral facial nerve palsy (FNP) is a rare condition, representing less than 2% of all cases of FNP. Majority of these patients have underlying medical conditions, ranging from neurologic, infectious, neoplastic, traumatic, or metabolic disorders. The differential diagnosis of its causes is extensive and hence can present as a diagnostic challenge. We report a case of a 27-year-old male who presented to the ENT OPD with sequential bilateral facial nerve paralysis which was delayed onset and post traumatic. This article is an attempt by the authors to stress the importance of combing clinical examination and radiological findings to decision making and to evaluate the various treatment options in this rare entity.


Facial paralysis, Temporal bone fracture, House brackman grade

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