Evaluation of outcome of ossiculoplasty with and without an intact malleus

Vivek Kumar Kesarwani, Harendra Kumar R. Gautam, Surendra Kumar R. Kanaujia, Nishant S. Saxena, Amrita Srivastava


Background: CSOM is commonly encountered in the clinical practice as a cause of conductive hearing loss. Preoperative evaluation of hearing becomes mandatory for proper management. Ossiculoplasty is usually done in conductive hearing loss due to ossicular chain abnormality in CSOM. The aim of the evaluation of outcome of ossiculoplasty with and without an intact malleus.

Methods: Total 40 patients greater than 18 years with mucosal type of CSOM with good cochlear reserve and Eustachian tube function, requiring intact canal wall mastoidectomy onlywere taken. All cases were planned ossiculoplasty with tympanoplasty or tympanomastoidectomy and postoperative follow-up done with measurement of Pure-tone average air-bone gap Ossiculoplasty Outcome Parameter Staging (OOPS) index and complications. Simple random sampling technique is used to calculate the size during the study.

Results: Ossiculoplasty was done in all cases in which 50% of patients (n=20) had malleus and 50% (n=20) with no malleus and AB gap in both group have almost similar result.

Conclusions: Ossiculoplasty techniques using neo malleus struts combined with assembly prostheses, in middle ear reconstruction was studied and was non-significant.


Ossiculoplasty, OOPS index, Malleus bone

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