Mastoiditis and Citelli’s abscess: a case report

Amin M. A. Siddig


Citelli’s abscess is a rare often undocumented complication of otitis media. This is a case of a 52-year-old lady with learning difficulties, who presented with right sided mastoid swelling. On initial consultation the patient denied any otological symptoms but after being discharged and returning with her mother it was revealed she suffered with otalgia the previous month. On her return, the mastoid swelling had increased in size and there was also a large swelling across the right side of the neck. CT scan showed mastoiditis with Citelli’s abscess. The patient underwent a cortical mastoidectomy and myringotomy as well as drainage of the neck abscess. The report emphasises the importance of a clear, concise history and urgent surgical intervention to prevent further spread of the infection and potential intracranial complications.


Citelli, Mastoiditis, Otitis media, Abscess

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