Benign eccrine poroma of neck: an unusual presentation

Manish Munjal, Archana Arora, Gopika Talwar, Neena Sood


Poroma refers to benign adnexal neoplasm derived from the terminal portion of the duct of sweat gland. About two-thirds are seen in middle aged and the elderly. The plantar surface or sides of feet followed by hands and fingers, and rarely the face or neck are the sites of predilection. This study included case report of 36 year old male presented with a lower midline neck swelling, insidious in onset and gradually progressive. On examination: swelling was about 2×2 cm, doughy in consistency, non-tender and freely mobile over the underlying muscles. Ultrasonography neck showed a hyperintense adnexal soft tissue with no fixity to the underlying structures. Surgical intervention via an elliptical incision was undertaken. Skin and subcutaneous tissue separated and underlying swelling identified to be attaching superficially. It was removed in toto and base was cauterized and transfixed. Postoperative period was uneventful. No recurrence recorded till 6 months. Histopathological examination was consistent with benign adnexal tumor eccrine poroma. Meticulous evaluation of the individual presenting with poroma is undertaken to reach the correct diagnosis. Existing literature suggests the treatment of eccrine and apocrine poromas consists of simple excision. If the lesion recurs after excision or presents with ulceration, bleeding, pain, or accelerated growth, a suspicion of eccrine “porocarcinoma” should be considered and the lesion investigated accordingly. 


Adnexal neoplasm, Eccrine poroma

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