A rare case of co-existing branchial cyst and thyroglossal cyst

Natashya H. Sima, Jomy George, Ophelia D’Souza, Poonam K. Saidha


Thyroglossal duct remnants and branchial arch anomalies are the most common congenital neck masses. These anomalies typically present in childhood or early adulthood as cysts, sinuses or cartilaginous remnants, but may rarely present in late adulthood. Although both thyroglossal duct remnants and branchial cysts may be encountered individually, these anomalies are rarely encountered together in the same individual. We report the third such case of co-existing branchial cyst and thyroglossal cyst occurring in the same individual with review of embryological development of thyroglossal duct cysts and second branchial arch anomalies.


Branchial cyst, Thyroglossal cyst, Thyroglossal duct anomaly

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