Published: 2021-11-25

Xanthogranuloma of nose in an adult: an uncommon presentation

Seetu Palo, Ashwinkumar K. Barsagade, Neha Sikdar


Xanthogranuloma is a relatively rare histiocytic cutaneous disorder that typically affects the pediatric age group. Its occurrence in adulthood is still rarer with only a handful of cases on the record. The present case report describes a case of adult-onset xanthogranuloma in a 49 years old lady who presented to the otorhinolaryngology clinic with a 6 months history of a nodule on the left side of the columella. There was no history of associated pain or bleeding from the site. Local examination revealed a 0.6×0.6 cm, non-tender, soft-to-firm, pinkish dome-shaped lesion with rounded edges. No similar lesions were found elsewhere. Excisional biopsy of the lesion was performed and microscopy showed a dermal lesion comprising of sheets of histiocytes admixed with lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate, touton giant cells and few spindle cells. A diagnosis of xanthogranuloma was rendered. A number of lympho-histiocytic lesions comes in the differential diagnosis of xanthogranuloma and hence it is important to be aware of such unusual presentations in order to make correct histological diagnosis.


Xanthogranuloma, Adult, Nose, Touton giant cells

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