Published: 2021-09-27

External auditory canal osteoma: a case report

Sneha S., Sowmya Gajapathy, Srikanth G., Ramesh V., Jayita Das Poduval


External auditory canal (EAC) osteomas are rare, solitary benign unilateral lesion. Small lesions are incidentally diagnosed and larger lesions produce symptoms of pain, ear discharge and defective hearing. Diagnosis is made based on a combination of clinical history and examination, radiographic imaging, and histopathology. They are usually confused with exostosis which are multiple, bilateral, smooth-bordered, broad-based lesions without deep extension. We present a case of 21-year-old male patient who came to our outpatient department, with complaints of left ear blocking sensation for past 6 months. On evaluation, it was diagnosed as left EAC osteoma and the same was excised via post-auricular approach. This case is being presented for its rarity


Osteoma, EAC, Exostosis

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