Deep neck abscesses-a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge


  • Aishwarya Ullal Department of ENT, St. Marys Hospital, Thodupuzha, Thodupuzha, Kerala, India
  • Arun P. Ajith Department of Radiodiagnosis, Kottayam Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala, India



Deep neck abscesses, Intraoral method of drainage, Traverse complex anatomy


Background: Deep neck space infections pose a diagnostic challenge, as they traverse complex anatomy, these patients develop devastating complications if the diagnosis is not made early.

Methods: This was a case series over a period of one year, reporting unusual presentation of deep neck abscesses. Patients were subjected to detailed history and clinical examination. Routine investigations, were done. After taking high risk consent, intra oral drainage of abscesses was done.

Results: In the present study of 30 cases age group affected was 10 to 30 years with male predominance. Peritonsillar abscesses were seen in the adolescent age groups whereas retropharyngeal space infections   were seen more in the adult population. Tuberculosis was the most common predisposing factor followed by diabetes. Dysphagia was the most common presenting symptom, followed by neck swelling. Intraoral drainage was done in 23 patients, intraoral drainage and ultrasound guided aspiration was done in 6 patients and 3 patient required emergency tracheostomy for securing of the airway.

Conclusions: Deep cervical abscesses still occur in the antibiotic era and may cause life-threatening complications.


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