Giant unicystic ameloblastoma of maxilla-successful endoscopic management

Sanjeev Mohanty, Manu Vergis, Devipriya V., Haripriya G., Lakshmi Shree Nallapaneni, Pravilika Parachur Nallapaneni


This 32-year-old male patient presented with complaints of restricted mouth opening and gross facial asymmetry owing to the massive jaw swelling on the right side. After a thorough examination, a diagnosis of unicystic ameloblastoma of maxilla. Although, the standard of care surgical approach was through Weber-Fergusson incision, a concerted attempt to excise the tumour with the minimally invasive endoscopic route was made successfully. The patient was symptom free now with complete resolution of swelling on a regular follow up post operatively. This case report highlighted the modern day protocol of organ preservation concepts in surgical management of a rare tumour in otolaryngology practice


Ameloblastoma, Maxilla, Denker’s, Endonasal approach, Unicystic, Facial asymmetry, Infra temporal fossa

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