Correlation of ultrasonography and fine needle aspiration cytology for diagnosis of malignancy in thyroid lesions: a study of 100 cases

E. Pavan Kumar, S. Namratha, Siva Subba Rao Pakanati, Uma Pokala


Background: The majority (90%) of thyroid lesions are benign as malignancy occurs only 1 in 10 thyroid nodules. The purpose of ultrasonography (USG) and fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is to pick the patients having malignancy for surgical intervention. The objective of present study is to correlate ultrasonography findings with FNAC for diagnosis of malignancy in thyroid lesions by relating these findings to histopathological examination (HPE) reports.

Methods: A prospective clinical study carried out from September 2019 to February 2021, in the Department of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Mamata Medical College, Khammam, in patients with clinical evidence of thyroid swelling. Ultrasound and FNAC were done in all cases and HPE were done in cases where surgeries were performed at our institution. The results were analysed.  

Results: According to USG, out of 100 cases 93 cases were found to be of benign thyroid swellings, 4 cases were suspected malignant and 3 cases were found malignant. According to FNAC, out of 100 cases 97 cases were benign and 3 cases were confirmed to be malignant. Two cases which were found to be malignant on both USG and FNAC were confirmed as malignant according to HPE report.

Conclusions: USG is a sensitive modality in the assessment of thyroid swellings with good accuracy. FNAC also provides the most direct and specific information about thyroid lesions. It is suggested that USG followed by FNAC provides better diagnosis in thyroid lesions.


Ultrasonography, FNAC, HPE, Thyroid lesion

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