Published: 2021-08-23

Case series-an overview of extracapsular dissection of parotid tumours

Deepalakshmi Tanthry, Anushree Rai, Mahesh Santhraya, Devan Poothatta Pannen, Rukma Bhandary, Vishwas Pai


Extra capsular dissection (ECD) differs markedly from classic surgical approaches to the parotid neoplasm because facial nerve dissection is not performed. Factors noted to favor this approach include mobility of the tumor within the gland, a thin covering of capsule and glandular tissue, and a tumor large enough to allow digital manipulation during dissection. Imaging, fine needle aspiration cytology, and neuron-monitoring play a heightened role in ECD. The aim of this article is to report case series on surgical management of few types of parotid tumors by extra capsular dissection and to assess long-term results after the treatment of parotid tumors using surgical technique ECD.This case series includes five different parotid tumors such as Warthin’s tumor, Pleomorphic adenoma, Sialadenoma papilliferum of parotid, chronic sialoadenitis, parotid cystadenoma, out of 30 cases operated in our hospital. All the patients in this study received appropriate surgical treatment (ECD) and done a follow up evaluation every month.


ECD, Parotid tumors, Salivary gland, Adenoma, Histopathology

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